Park and Fly

1) What does the Park, Stay & Go rate include?

The Park, Stay & Go package rate includes parking for up to two weeks, the 24 hour shuttle service, breakfast, and accommodation.

2) Where do I park my car?

You will leave your car in a safe and secure outdoor parking lot south of the hotel, behind the gate.

3) Do I leave you my keys?

No, you will keep your keys with you. Once you have parked your car, it stays there during your trip.

4) Can I leave my jacket in the car / at the hotel?

Unfortunately we do not offer a coat check service. You may either leave your jacket in the car, bring it with you on your trip or the airport offers a locker service for 2$ per day.

5) When should I be at the airport for my flight?

International US: 3 hours before, Canada: 2 hours before.

6) Can I get a wake up call?

Once you know what time you need your wake-up call, give the front desk a call by dialling 0 and someone will gladly mark you down at the requested time.

7) How do I take the shuttle in the morning?

And how often does he make run to the airport? The shuttle service is 24 hours, and usually runs every 30 minutes on the hour. Once you arrive at the hotel, ask the receptionist for the shuttle and they will gladly put your name on the schedule as close to your preferred time as possible.

8) When do I come down for the shuttle?

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your departure time, to ensure that all departures remain on schedule.

9) Can I still get breakfast if I'm leaving early?

Breakfast is served Monday to Friday from 5:30am to 10am, and on Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 10:30am. If your flight is leaving prior to the designated times, we have a 24 hour, complimentary coffee and tea stand for your convenience.

10) How do I get the shuttle upon return to YUL airport?

Once you check-in at the hotel, ask the Front Desk clerk to give you the sheet with “Returning to Montreal” instructions. Click here to see the online instruction.

11) Do I have to come inside the hotel upon my return from vacation?

Yes! We must keep the parking lot as controlled as possible, so please come to the front desk so we can confirm your identity.

- See more at: http://teodorozamudio.com/novotelmontrealairport/park.html#sthash.JZG4sCVX.dpuf